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Subdomain Not Working for Delivery Engine URL (SSL)

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I brought this up once before, and I still cannot solve this issue.

I would like to change the setting for "Delivery Engine URL (SSL)" to a subdomain, for example ads.mydomain.com. But when I do this the ads do not show. It only works using www.mydomain.com.

This is strange because I can change the "Image Store URL (SSL)" setting to ads.mydomain.com, and it works fine.

I can also use this path in my site's template, and it works fine:
<script async src="https://ads.mydomain.com/adserv/www/delivery/asyncjs.php"></script>

There is nothing in my .htaccess or site security policy that won't allow this to work.

Any ideas?

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When I change the Delivery Engine URL (SSL) to the subdomain ads.mydomain.com the banners stop displaying. I can only get this setting working when it is www.mydomain.com.

Normally this would make me think that the subdomain isn't set up properly, but it is, as I use it to server other content on the site (for example Google Analytics). I also mentioned that I am using the subdomain to server the asyncjs.php script in the site template, and I am using it as the Image Store URL (SSL) setting. So, the subdomain is set up, working, and there is nothing in my .htaccess, site security policy, or anywhere else on the server side that seems to be causing this issue.

I will take another look at the troubleshooting guide, but I did look at it last time I brought this issue up, and saw nothing that would explain this.

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On 6/19/2020 at 9:49 AM, scott001 said:

Perhaps I am misunderstanding what Delivery Engine URL means. Is this the web site where the ads are served? 

No - it's the URL from which Revive Adserver will deliver the ads.

If you change this, you need to have your web server configured to allow the Revive Adserver delivery directory to operate from that URL.

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