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Revive Adserver serving ads to external servers

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Hello -

I have had Revive Adserver working find for many years. I have a main Ubuntu server which runs Revive Adserver and several other domains running on a second Ubuntu server. Everything ws working fine until recently. Now the ads do not display on any of the domains on the second Ubuntu server. (The ads still serve ok on domains running on the first Ubuntu server.) I also configured SSL on the Revive Adserver but I don't know if this is what has caused the problem.


machine1 - Revive Adserver - domainA, domainB, domainC
machine2 - domainD, domainE, domainF, domainG

---> Revive Adserver on "machine1" serves domains on "machine1" and "machine2".

Does anyone know what I can do to get the ads working again on both Ubuntu servers from the same Revive Adserver installation?



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Hello, I have figured out that if I change from "Asyncronous JS Tag" type of banner invocation to "Javascript Tag" type of banner invocation, my local ads (i.e. the banner images I have on "machine1") load ok. However, the Google Adsense and the Bing banners do not display. Where do I look for errors? Thanks and regards, Neil.

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