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Installation of plugin "openXDeliveryLimitations" failed: Permissions error

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When I stated there were no plugins,  I meant in the zip file I downloaded, but then I had not found the following.
This is were error messages could and should link the documentation related to the message. As it would have saved me hours of reading and search, mostly searching.

once I found this area
I found that there were plugins installed in the administration tab, just not the one with the error.

The Delivery Limitations plugin, if that is a thing, is not present in this tab

Then I found where the plugins are hidden (lol) in the server package.

Use the pop-up window to navigate to where your Revive Adserver package is on your local computer. In the package's etc/plugins directory, locate the .zip file for the missing plugin, and select it.

     Note that this is the etc/plugins directory, not the plugins directory.

I was looking in the plugins directory.

I completed the installation steps in the Missing Plugins Docs and now I seem to have this plugin installed.


Two suggestions

  1. Every error message should have a link to information about that error. This link should also opens in a new tab.
  2. Keep up the good work, 

Except this one hiccup, that has delayed my project over 24 hours, installation and learning the documentation (the hard way) is going well.


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