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Hello dear service team,

i run my own webserver with the Revice-version 4.13 and it seems to have been hacked in the last days or weeks.


Unfortunately I don't have a backup of a version before the hack. Is there a possibility to restore my adserver by updating to the new version?
Or is the attack so deep that I have to completely rebuild the server?

Do you have a tip for me how I can fix the current server and how I can then update to the latest version. Is the new version safe from this hack?

I would also like to use the services of an experienced developer to solve the problem.

I would be very happy about your help!

Many greetings!



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7 minutes ago, Ian vM said:

If you have no backup ... of course you can't go back to a previous point in time.
I'd advice you to start over on a fresh installation, or sign up at https://www.revive-adserver.net/

Hello, Ian,

thanks for your answer!

Do you know if this hack only compromises the files on the server or are the databases also affected? I might be able to recover the files.

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12 hours ago, Ian vM said:

I'm sorry, i'm not familiar with it. But in most other cases i've seen the database is comprimised.

I did a little research. The hacker injected the malicious code into the "append" column in each zone under "rv_zones" in the database.
The table "rv_banners" seems not to be affected.

Additionally, there was a malicious PHP code under \www\delivery\ with the name "js.php". According to the virus scanner a malicious code named "PHP.Filesman". With this the hackers probably have access to the website.


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