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HTML5 banner: Impression count too low v5.0.5

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I just installed v5.0.5 on a subdomain and have setup 4 HTML5 banners in the same zone. Delivery mode is local tag and I have setup crontab for maintenance script.

The HTML5 banners are displaying as expected but the impression count is way too low. I enabled request logging in "Banner Logging Settings" in order to debug. I see that the data in `rv_data_bkt_r` matches my expectations fairly well, but HTML5 banner tracking rarely makes it to `rv_data_bkt_m`. 

I setup a normal image-banner in the same zone as the HTML5 banners and tracking seems to be working fine with the image-banner. So impressions for the image banner match my expectations.

In the access log I see requests to /www/delivery/lg.php for the image banner. I believe lg.php is responsible for tracking? For the iframe banners I see requests to /www/delivery/ck.php but not lg.php.

I call the view_local() function to get the array with the html-code for the banners. I notice that the returned array also mentions lg.php for the HTML5 banners in $phpAds_raw['logUrl'] - The URL looks something like this: /www/delivery/lg.php?bannerid=6&campaignid=1&zoneid=1&loc=xxxxx

Maybe I can fix the wrong impression count for the HTML5 banners by inserting an image with $phpAds_raw['logUrl'] as src? Or maybe I am missing a config setting somewhere?


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