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Create a new custom macro to set up utm_tags

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Hello! I'm going to start a campaign to sell 3 products and i'm going to advertise via banner with revive adserver, facebook, google ads and so on.

i'll send products via a sales page (not e-commerce) and i need to track both campaigns performance and sales conversion.

My scenario

i own about 30 blogs and i'm going to post banners inside them. it is a kind of affiliate program and i need to send revenue (percentage of sell) to each blog's manager so i have to add utm_ tags to banner links to track performance into google analytics. I also need the utm_source to track a specific blog's TLD to store it into my marketing automation installation (Mautic).

I saw that there is a GREAT TUTORIAL (thanks to blackriver.to) to track conversion but in this case i need to store data into Open source marketing automation tool Mautic using integromat platform.

Partially solved question

At the moment i'm using {websiteid} macro but i'm searching for a way to insert websitedomain into url (i need this to insert websitedomain as utm_source for banner)

At the moment, as i wrote, i'm using websiteid and i have a link like below (this is still good but then i have to go to revive and manually match websites id with their urls)

what i'd like to do is to get domain names instead of ids. this is an example:

Campaign: weekend_offers
link: www.mysite.it/weekend.html
banner placed on www.website1.com and www.website2.com

Possible solutions

I searched over internet but i didn't found a way to add utm_source to banner links so it would be great, for example, to create a custom macro to call for example {websitedomain}... is it possible?

i have php skills and i thought to edit mysql affilaites table to add another field called websitetld (or substring the website url)  and then to create a new macro...but i don't know which php file to edit :-(

thanks so much!!

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