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PHP Error - Function name must be a string in doubleclick.class.php

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Running Revive Ad Server v4.1.3

Not sure when this started, we don't often try to add new Zones, but went to do so recently and discovered that the Invocation tab would not display. After investigating, discovered the following PHP error spews at the moment you click:

[26-Feb-2020 06:55:35 America/Chicago] PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught Error: Function name must be a string in [path].com\wwwroot\plugins\3rdPartyServers\ox3rdPartyServers\
Stack trace:
#0 [path].com\wwwroot\lib\OX\Plugin\Component.php(127): include_once()
#1 [path].com\wwwroot\lib\OX\Plugin\Component.php(59): OX_Component::_includeComponentFile('3rdPartyServers', 'ox3rdPartyServe...', 'doubleclick')
#2 [path].com\wwwroot\lib\OX\Plugin\Component.php(189): OX_Component::factory('3rdPartyServers', 'ox3rdPartyServe...', 'doubleclick')
#3 [path].com\wwwroot\lib\OX\Extension\invocationTags\InvocationTagsOptions.php(624): OX_Component::getComponents('3rdPartyServers')
#4 [path].com\wwwroot\lib\OX\Extension\invocationTags\InvocationTags.php(377): Plugins_InvocationTagsOptions->thirdPartyServer()
#5 [path].com\wwwroot\lib\max\A in [path].com\wwwroot\plugins\3rdPartyServers\ox3rdPartyServers\doubleclick.class.php on line 1


We've tried switching between versions of PHP to see if this fixed it, the above is nearly identical using PHP v5.6 and PHP v7.3.

Further, we then went through the effort of trying to upgrade to v5.0.4. The very same error stopped the upgrade, preventing that from completing. So... I need some ideas on how to get around this or fix the error or something. Help?

Also, what is this plugin thing? I do not believe we are using "doubleclick" for anything intentionally. Maybe we can just disable or bypass it?

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I don't exactly understand the steps (how it happened), but it turns out one of our developers figured out that theu accidentally overwrote the file (doubleclick.class.php) with some other PHP code. Sorry for the post.

There is nothing useful or relevant here that would help anyone in the future. If a forum admin reads this, I suggest deleting the post. Thank you - Jeremy

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Exact same problem here. doubleclick.class.php was replaced with a backdoor file. Running revive 5.0.2. The file modification date was Dec 2019, we just didn't notice it until now.

This forum topic was the 1st result on google search for the issue, so hopefully this helps someone else.

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And performing a clean install, following documented upgrade procedures, results in the upgrade process copying over the backdoored file from the previous installation and then crashing, because it's still bugged. I give up

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