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I'm newby using Revive.

I've installed the Revive Adserver v5.0.2.

I don't have any statistics on the campagne I create.

I ve check your forum  and I'm suprise when I check the database that I don't have the rv_data_bkt_m table  but I have rv_data_raw_XXX that are empty.

I've double check the standard plugins list and I have:

Invocation Tags Plugin 1.5.1

Banner Delivery Cache Store Plugin 1.5.0

Reports Plugin 1.6.0

3rd Party Servers Plugin 1.5.0

Delivery Rules Plugin 5.0.3

Banner Types Plugin 1.5.0

All are ENABLED 

What's wrong ? Can you help me please




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Hi @Genum,

If you do not have the required database tables present, then something has gone wrong during the installation process. I would recommend removing the installation completely, and re-installing from scratch, and carefully double check both the requirements for running Revive Adserver and the installation process.

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