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[HELP NEEDED] Should I choose Revive Adserver Hosted edition?

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Hello, my page has approx over 100k unique visitors monthly. I tried using shared host for revive adserver but my host got suspended two times for CPU overusage. They said that a lot of requests are happening (even though they suggested me to purchase a shared plan). Now they are suggesting to use a Dedicated server.

My question is should I choose to buy Hosted edition, and if yes, what package should I choose? I checked the page and I could only order for one month (maybe after I purchase for one month, I can renew for 1 year?

If you also have any other hosting alternatives, please let me know, I need help.

Or is it a solution to buy my own dedicated server?

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It depends if you want to purchase a SaaS model of Revive Adserver, where you just have to worry about using the system, or if you want to do all the administration/upgrades, and worry about capacity planning and performance monitoring of your server yourself.

You say that you have 100k unique visitors per month, but you will note that Hosted Edition is based on the number of requests/month - seeĀ https://www.revive-adserver.net/pricing/

So, it depends on how many ads you plan to serve - roughly, that's going to be the number of page views times the number of ads per page.

That should help you set an initial view for the plan to choose, if you decided to go down that path.


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