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Upgrade Error: Unable to locate one or more plugin files

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I have made a number of attempts over the past 4 months to upgrade from ver. 4.1.4 to 5.0.x, the latest effort being a few minutes ago.  

I have successfully made over at least a half-dozen upgrades over the past decade and am familiar with the process.

However, each time in my efforts at upgrading to ver 5x, at the final step I keep getting the error message: One or more plugin files can't be found.  

I have checked the install log and it says the xml files can't be located though the files appear to be there.  This is the same error I have been getting consistently over the many efforts at upgrading.

Would be willing to pay one of the admins a reasonable consulting fee to get this done if necessary!

Thank you.

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This error is, I believe, indicating that it cannot access the plugin files in your PREVIOUS installation's directory. 

It looks at your previous installation's plugins, because it's possible to install 3rd party plugins that won't be included in the Revive Adserver release package, but which you would want to have included in your installation after an upgrade - so it looks there and copies them over.

I suspect the issue is the new installer is either being given an incorrect path to your previous install location, or it doesn't have permission to access the previous install.

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