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Only Remant Campaigns Work


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version: Revive Adserver v3.0.2
I have a problem with campaign types. I can run only Remant campaigns with "Start immediately" and "Don't expire" date setup. When I try to create a Contract campaign the attached Zone icon goes red (zone warning) in Zone list and the campaign doesn't run.
Do you have any idea why? What do I wrong in contracted campaigns setup?
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Ok, so contracted campaign can't run alone in a zone. Thanks


I think they can, it's just not recommended - without anything else present, if Revive Adserver decides that an impression isn't needed, a blank will end up being served, which means the impression won't be counted, and Revive's view of the available inventory will be wrong.


Where are you seeing this warning, by the way? I have just tested linking a contract campaign to a zone, with no other campaigns linked, and I can't see where a warning appears... Can you provide a screenshot, please? If Revive does this, I may have a documentation update I need to do!

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