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Find banner by invocation code?


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Is there a way to find/display the zone name by invocation code? I can see the invocation code in the backend of my site but it is not easy to find what the zone is.

We have quite a few website that use Revive with multiple zones and multiple people posting ads. Sometimes mistakes are made and zones/sites are not properly marked and it is not always easy to find and disable the ad that should not be on the site.

Or pull up all the banners linked to a specific invocation code?


Thank you!


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On 2/9/2020 at 11:48 AM, tbobker said:

Do you want to click on a zone and see all banners that are linked to that zone?

You can do that by going to the zone and clicking the tab linked banners and will show you all the banners linked to the zone.

Hi, sorry, just noticed that there was a reply here. No, my trouble was different. We have quite a few sites that use Revive and sometimes I would go into the backend of the site and see the invocation code, but I did not know how to find which zone in revive is sending ads to it.


I found the solution. When in Revive - enter the invocation code into the search bar and it displays the zone at the very bottom of the search results. I just never noticed it before.


Thank you for your time!!

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