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How Does The 3Rd Party Server Clicktracking Work?

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Hi all,

I am writing to better understand how does the "3rd Party server clicktracking" work.

I am using the last revive version ( fresh install ), we BUY inventory from some adnetwork and we use Revive to publish our banners on these ad spaces.

External Adnetworks are paid cpc (  certain amount paid each click the user performs on our banners ) so that I have to give our partner feedback each time an user clicks on our banner.


every publisher use its own adserver ( sometimes doubleclick, sometimes 24/7 media... )


We set-up Revive and created zones&invocation codes, no problem here.



what I would like to better understand is how the integration between the external adserver and revive works, when I insert the " encoded external clickurl" in "document.MAX_ct0 = unescape('INSERT_ENCODED_CLICKURL_HERE');"


let's say the external clickurl is www.aaaaa.com


when the user clicks on our banner:

- the user is redirected to our revive and then revive redirects him to the landing page ( and simultaneously revive sends something to the clickurl, server2server interaction ) OR

- the user is redirected to the clickurl (external adserver ) and then the external adserver sends the user to our revive and than ( finally ) the user is redirected to the landing page



is just for me to better understand the "clickflow" and to better interact with our partner ( some of them have very little tech skills )







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