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Revive Adserver v5.0.1 released

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The Revive Adserver team announces the immediate availability of Revive Adserver v5.0.1.

Revive Adserver logoWe are pleased to announce the release of version 5.0.1 of the Revive Adserver software. This new version fixes a number of bugs and issues that were reported after the recent release of version 5.0.

Here is a list of the issues that have been fixed in Revive Adserver v5.0.1:

  • Improved performance of delivery rules validation and recompilation, which was causing upgrade failures under some circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the From e-mail header to be malformed when sending campaign expiration and other e-mails.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the MaxMind GeoLite2 City database from being updated during midnight maintenance.
  • Added several missing entries to the ISO-3166 Subdivision delivery rule, including subdivisions in Belgium, Spain, Switzerland and other countries.
  • Allow video autoplay within iframes generated by the async and iframe invocation tags..

Full release notes for v5.0.1 can be found on our Github page.

We encourage our users to upgrade to the new version 5.0.1 as soon as possible, so that they can benefit the most from the new functionality of Revive v5.

Download, install and upgrade

Revive Adserver v5.0.1 is available for download now.

Once downloaded, please refer to the instructions for Installations of Revive Adserver or for Upgrading Revive Adserver. Make sure that the server(s) being used meet(s) the minimum technical requirements.

Community contributions

become_a_patron_button.pngThe continued development of Revive Adserver is being sponsored by community members, either financially or in the form of code contributions. We’re very grateful for the support we’ve received. If you would like to contribute to our project, please consider becoming a patron on Patreon.com.

Another way to contribute to our project, is by using the Revive Adserver Hosted edition.

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