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I recently update the PHP version on my site to 7.0. Now, when I go to my Revive adserver page at: https://datajaz.com/adserver, I'm getting this 503 error message: "Service Unavailable. The server is temporarily busy, try again later!" I then tried upgrading the Revive adserver version but couldn't complete the installation because of the 503 error. Not sure if it has anything to do with the PHP upgrade or not. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

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HTTP 503 errors are returned by the web server, under which PHP (and then Revive Adserver) runs.

If you are getting HTTP 503 errors, you will need to investigate your web server logs, and use the web server documentation to track down why the web server is returning this, and resolve that issue. This is potentially (but not definitely) due to a performance issue with running the Revive Adserver code, but it's something you will need to confirm at the webserver - unfortunately, it's very unlikely to be due to a Revive Adserver code issue.

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