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Database is getting huge - how to prune?

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I bet this topic already is in a forum, but had a little trouble finding it. I apologize in advance.

Thanks to having a robust clientele and lots of advertising, our database is also getting really big.

Are there tips on how to prune the database to keep its size manageable? For example, I have emptied the _userlog table. I don't really need to see who's logged or when. It was good for about 1.5 MB. The biggest tables are data_intermediate_ad and data_summary_ad_hourly. 

Is it safe th empty those? Or, is there a recommendation on how to at least prune them?

I can run sql commands, but am only at an intermediate skill level on that. So, any help construction such commands would be appreciated.


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On 2/9/2020 at 12:52 PM, tbobker said:

How far back does your reporting go?

It sounds like you have a few years worth of data. You could remove all hourly reporting for campaigns older than 1 year for example. 

Same issue here. How do you do this? 

Is there a way to prune old data after X years? Or at least email sponsors their stats instead of having it recorded? 

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