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Html Banner Added Position:absolute <Div>

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when displaying HTML banners on websites, Revive adds a wrapping div, which causes a lot of problems:

<div id="MAX_bead4e3f" style="position: absolute; width: 106px; height: 206px; z-index: 99; left: 0px; top: 0px; visibility: visible; display: block;">

Now, I don't mind about that div that much, but the "position: absolute;" causes a lot of problems in rendering the page. The banner just floats somewhere. (screenshot: https://db.tt/PtiMgtMs)


I tried editing al.php, removing the "position:absolute;" and saving, but it didn't help.


How can i fix this? Am i missing something?




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Found it myself:

  1. go to \plugins\invocationTags\oxInvocationTags\layerstyles\simple (or any other invocation style: cursor,floater or geocities)
  2. edit layerstyle.inc.php:
    #224 : comment out (or delete) the "position:absolute; "
    #235 : changed "align="center"" to " ' . $align . ' " to allow setting the horizontal align

I'm sorry to see the support for revive is not very good. Hope to see it changes in the future!

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