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Cache, And How To Disable Cache For Admin - Prevent Serving Cached Pages In Admin

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first of all, thanks for providing Revive as a open source. I was using OpenX for a long time, and there is one thing I had in OpenX and also now in Revive.


There is some kind of cache in administration? Serving cached files in administration, and I can not find any setting that will allow me to disable it. Normaly, cache is ok, but in administration few problems occurs:

-When I log in, after I open one or two urls inside admin, it is showing me log in page again. But if I hit refresh, there is no need to log in again cause I am already logged in. Just a cache.

-Log in is not major problem for me. Biggest problem is when I am adding new banner. Boy, that was hell in OpenX, I see it is a little better in revival but still it is caching pages. So when I click for example to add new banner, all forms clears, and there is no sign that anything happened. And in some cases nothing happened in fact, so I need to go again and again, and several attempts later I see green message on top that something changed. Same thing go also for adding clients, zones, campaigns.. Everything.


I will be extremly happy if someone show me the way to prevent showing cached pages in admin, because what ever I want to do, I need to do it several times.



Also, is there a list of CHMOD for files and folders. Which one should I leave on  777 after instalation?

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This doesn't seem like a problem that would be coming from Revive Adserver. It points to be hosting related. Also check your .htaccess file to make sure there are no extra lines of code. I would check with your hosting provider about this, as whenever we install Revive Adserver, we never encounter such problems.

Also there is a possibility you may have caching issue in your browser or your IP changes, which causes Revive Adsever to lose your session.

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