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Hacked into new 4.2.0!!

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Just a security alert:

After upgrading to Version 4.2.0 as quickly as possible, and following the upgrade procedures on the Revive website, my site still got hacked.




Here is what I think happened:


I followed the upgrade procedures found here, at this link, and these are excellent instructions, I would still follow: https://www.revive-adserver.com/support/upgrading/


But, I left my OLD backup files on the server. I had renamed the old directory to "bak" or something similar, to disable access to it. 


In spite of this, sometime in the 72 hours after the upgrade, the hackers mentioned in the security update notes, managed to exploit my Wordpress files and begin injecting their own ad code.


As soon as I replaced the Wordpress files with my backup files, the hacked ads stopped appearing.


Be on the lookout -- and remove any backup installs of your Adserver files asap, and the database, if it is a migrated or copied file.





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