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Campaign status is not changing

George Musat

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We are running a Revive Adserver 4.1.4 instance and we have a problem regarding the automatic activation/deactivation of campaigns.

Things to know:

  • banner logging settings -> unchecked all "logs" (we don't need statistics)
  • the maintenance cronjob is properly set to run at xx:01, each hour

After inspecting the maintenance script code I saw that there is an if in the "ManageCampaign" task which tests the value of "updateIntermediate" property from "oController". Then I saw that the property is set to true inside the "SetUpdateRequirements" task and I think that this never happens on our instance because on each run of maintenance script we get the following message:

 [     info]  Task begin: OX_Maintenance_Statistics_Task_SetUpdateRequirements
 [     info]  - Maintenance statistics will NOT be run

Is there a link between statistics generation and manage campaigns tasks? If yes, why and how can I enable the auto activation/deactivation of campaigns at midnight?

I am looking forward to your answer! Thank you!

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