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Invocation code for Inline Video ad zone: Domain in hosted edition

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Hi, newbie here! ?

We have a hosted edition of Revive Adserver and we're trying to add some video ads with 'inline video ad'.

In order to do that, the generic code for the ad call from your video player to your ad server is:


For zone id we know how to get it: https://console.revive-adserver.net/zone-edit.php?affiliateid=188&zoneid=717

But, for [YOUR-ADSERVER-DOMAIN-HERE] there's no documentation about it, since it's hosted, AdServer domain should be provided by the service itself.

There's an option to configure 'Banner Delivery Settings' in documentation (https://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Banner+Delivery+Settings) in order to configure Revive Adserver Server Access Paths, but is disabled in hosted edition.

Help is needed. Can you help?

Best regards and thanks in advance,

João Moreira

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Hi Erik!

Thanks in advance!

I was looking for that instruction in documentation, and when read FAQ's it passed completely. Sorry for that.

Nevertheless, with the following URL: https://servedby.revive-adserver.net/www/delivery/fc.php?script=bannerTypeHtml:vastInlineBannerTypeHtml:vastInlineHtml&format=vast&nz=1&zones=pre-roll%3D717

We obtain:

Not Found
The requested URL /www/delivery/fc.php was not found on this server.

This is the Invocation code for Inline Video ad zone, and therefore we have to build the URL.

What are we doing wrong?

Best regards,

João Moreira

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? Working now! Thanks!

But, just to not letting anyone else with same understanding i had:

1. In FAQ only says:

What is the ad delivery URL of Hosted edition? The Hosted edition delivers ads using the following URL: https://servedby.revive-adserver.net/ . There’s no need to manually enter this anywhere, since the ad server invocation codes that are generated for you automatically contain the URL.

Above i don't perceive any information whatsoever!

2. In console/zone/video invocation code, it has a note:

Note: Zone invocation codes are not used for Video Ads. 
Instead, you must include the zone in the Ad Schedule of the video player plugin configuration in your webpage. 
Please refer to the Video Ads Plugin User Guide for instructions.

In Video Ads Plugin User Guide, it says:

Invocation code for Inline Video ad zone or Overlay Video ad zone

Revive Adserver uses a special form of invocation code to integrate into an online video player and display video advertising from your ad server.

The generic code for the ad call from your video player to your ad server is:


Using this example:

  • Replace the part that reads [YOUR-ADSERVER-DOMAIN-HERE] with the domain of your own Revive Adserver installation
  • Replace the part that reads [YOUR-ZONE-ID-HERE] with the numeric zone ID of your specific zone

And, /www/delivery is there...

Anyway, thanks in advance!

Best regards,

João Moreira

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You're referring to the generic documentation for the Download edition. The Hosted edition uses a specific delivery URL that's clearly mentioned in the FAQ. The reason the FAQ does not specifically refer to video ads is because we assume that video ads won't be used very frequently on the Hosted edition.

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