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Impending campaign expiration "From" email issue

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Since I upgraded to v3.4.0 the system email "Impending campaign expiration" is now sending from my server name domain, and from "s". For example:

From: "s" <[email protected]>

I've checked the config file and do not see anything that could cause this, and have no idea where the "s" is coming from. The email should be from "[email protected]"

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I'm not sure how...every other email sent from my adserver system is normal, and follows the settings in the configuration file. The only email that has this issue is the impending ad expiration notice. I suspect there is a bug.

PS - I am using sendmail and not php to send the emails.

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I'm having the same issue and have had the same issue for a long time.

The from header is being set as "n" <n@hostname> where hostname is the machine name. The quotes appear to be part of the name too, according to my inspection of the headers in our Mailgun account:

"from": "\"n\" <n@hostname>"

The "Email 'From' Email Address" in the settings is set to no-reply@ and a different domain. Doesn't seem to be getting picked up.

The From name and company were blank, I've tried completing those to see if it makes any difference but am unsure how to trigger a test email. Log all outgoing email messages is ticked, but I can't see where they are being logged to.

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