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AdServer - how to request multiple banners?


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We're using AdServer in order to do some banner rotation on one of our website.

For this, we have some javascript where each X seconds, the adServer is called to get one banner.

I was wondering if there is a possibility to get multiple banners by one AdServer call, not only one at a time.

The URL we call: https://xxx.yyy.com/www/my_files/singlepagecal.php?zones=4&loc=https://zzz.yyy.com/a/b/c?random=0.5044134085675289

Would it be possible to tell to AdServer to return 4 or 5 banners with a single call?

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I'm not sure that's what I need. On the page it says: allow all of a website's zones be handled at once.

My goal is to get multiple banners per zone, not handle multiple zones at once. For example, there are two zones: get all banners for the 1st zone and all banners for the 2nd zone. Do not make multiple probability calls per zone in order to change the banners, as we have banner rotation.

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