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Time-hour rule in Override campaign

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Hi. I have contract campaign with delivery rule of timing 12:00 - 24:00.


It was underdelivering (low probability) so I changed it to Override temporarily at 10:00.


But what happened is that it instantly started serving ads when it shouldnt till 12:00. But it was working fine for contract campaign, when changed to Override then it happened.


Anyone noticed this or similar bug?

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Hi @murichej,

No, I have never noticed the bug. Did the banner stop delivering again after maintenance ran again? Or can you reproduce the delivery rule not working with any Override campaign banner?

Or is it just when changing campaign types?

Either way, if you can confirm a reproduce, please raise a bug in GitHub.


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Hi. Tested now again to change it to Override and after several maintenance, campaign continued to delivery although it shouldn't. 

But if I create new Override campaign with time-hour delivery rule it is working fine. So it's just in case of changing contract type.

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