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Impression goal (or %) on Zones

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Hi there

I have a question on how to set up a campaign properly.

My inventory is defined as:

- zone 1
- zone 2
- zone 3
- zone 4

I want to set up campaign with following details:

- campaign frequency cap: 1/user/day

- total impression goal: 1mio (400k zone 1, 300k zone2, 200k zone3, 100k zone4)


I have several ideas how to do it but all options fail.

Option A: Seperate campaign for each zone. Impression goals can be set up, but frequency cap (campaign f.cap) doesn't work ok, as I want overall frequency cap. I want to achieve that if you see banner on Zone 1, then you don't see it on Zone 2, etc..


Option B: One campaign for all zones. Frequency cap will be working fine, but it's impossible to set up seperate goal on zones. It's possible to define seperate banners and each banner targeting its own zone, but then again, can't set up impression goal on banners. Would banner weight help in this case? I'm afraid not, as each banner is targeting different zone, so it's different inventory. Or?


Please help, is it possible to do it? Something like "Advertiser frequency cap" would also work, but that doesn't exist. 


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