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Banner not display

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I have added a banner one of my website but they banner doesn't display .

What i did  put code in header

<script type='text/javascript' src='http://example.com/openx/www/delivery/spcjs.php?id=2&amp;target=_blank'></script>

then i paste 2 code in right side widgets

<script type='text/javascript'><!--// <![CDATA[
// ]]> --></script><noscript><a target='_blank' href='http://example.com/openx/www/delivery/ck.php?n=1329db4'><img border='0' alt='' src='http://example.com/openx/www/delivery/avw.php?zoneid=2&amp;n=1329db4' /></a></noscript>

<!-- exampleAsynchronous JS Tag - Generated with Revive Adserver v4.1.4 -->
<ins data-revive-zoneid="2" data-revive-id="b7bbb44fbb41e0f83955ffe35ad1eaf7"></ins>
<script async src="//example.com/openx/www/delivery/asyncjs.php"></script>

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