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revive login and panel appears different


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I'm trying t figure out why my login page doesn't display properly like the following in this page: https://www.revive-adserver.com/blog/portfolio-item/login-screen/

Just shows like this:

"Revive Adserver

      Welcome to Revive Adserver
Enter your username and password to log in

Forgot your password?"

How do i get it to show the other way as in the link i sent . And the dashboard panel displays similarly very plain  script   hard to navigate. 

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My friend, first thing before you login make sure you use IE browser .. some browsers render the page naked, no graphics-plain txt. One of the browsers notorious for that issue is Opera. If that's not the problem, make sure the login address is correct. It should look something like the following:


the" --------------" is your domain name here

depending on your Revive folder name the " /ads/" in the above example address may be different than mine.

Hope that helps




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Thank you for your reply.

In fact, the system installed correctly, there was no problem.

It's just the compatibility with the shipowners that is wrong.

Chrome, Firefox, does not work at all and on Opera, some part either.

I hope that revive will make a correction to solve this problem. Because it's very annoying all the same.

Happy New Year :)

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