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Weird behavior with Revive+Google Adsense+WP


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Hi ?

I'm in the process of setting Revive up on a wordpress system and using the html sidebar widget produces some odd result in that the box is smaller than the actual size set in the Revive banner settings.

I have first setup a zone with wildcards *  for sizes and then setup a banner with a rectangular size 300 x 250 px but that is not respected for some reason. But the ads doesn't fit, instead they are bit cropped in the corners and too small. 

WP HTML Sidebar with Revive:

WP HTML Sidebar without Revive and just pure Google Adsense code instead:

I even attempted and set larger sizes like 400 X 400 just to test but the result is mostly the same. Smaller box than the actual size set in Revive and the ads are more or less cropped+smaller than they should be.

When using the banner test size 400 X 400px I also get this ugly box beneath the ad box itself which makes no sense to me:


Now when using the pure Adsense code from Google themselves it works perfectly as you can see in the above example.

Please correct me if I am wrong here but to me it doesn't seem to be an issue directly related to WordPress sidebar widgets as it works perfectly with as said the code from google straight in the box. It only becomes messed up with using Revive for the same purpose. 

So my question is if anyone else has experienced this and if there is a fix/workaround for this? 


Kind regards


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