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Responsive banner/campaign sizes


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Hi @andrewatfornax

We (business) have been using OnlyMega (adserver) for a few months and today we decided to try RA. Unfortunately the only problem is the lack of responsiveness (100% width). In our case, we use HTML5 banners made on Google Web Designer. All of our ads are responsive but revive doesn't natively support it. On OnlyMega, we're able to just select a checkbox with "reponsive" and the ad works nicely by adjusting height to 100% width. In any case, i've read all the discussions and I see this is a long term issue. I/my company wouldn't mind becoming patreon supporters (actually if we used revive it would save a few thousand dollars per year) but at the moment it just doesn't make sense for us because our website is extremely depentent on the screen size... I've read the "missing features" page and I don't know what to expect. Should I donate and wait indefinitely for it? What is the best course of action? 


Anyway, revive 99% awesome...

Thank you, regards.

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