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How to run database migrations?

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I need to add new columns to some of the core tables. For development I use the 4.1.5-dev(latest master branch). Following these instructions I created new migration files but when I perform an upgrade or install my database changes aren't applied. To upgrade the adserver I follow these instructions, however I'm not sure that is the correct way to run migrations for developers.

As for new install I managed to get my database updated by executing this script `scripts/upgrade/buildXmlCache.php`. It created a set of *.bin files which probably are required for installation. But it didn't help for the upgrade process. The database stays at the 623 version.

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Hi @Alexander,

If you are doing this as a custom development, I would probably avoid using the core migration system, as it will render your system unable to upgrade in the future - we're likely to want to re-use your migration numbers, and things will conflict.

If you can, I'd also suggest that you don't add columns to the core tables - this may have a similar effect with rendering upgrades impossible.

Better if you can create separate tables for your data, and join the data using the relevant IDs.

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