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New banners not showing often enough

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I have been running Revive since the OpenX days. I have 4.1.3 installed now. It has always worked fine, until now.

I added a new advertiser, campaign and banners a couple weeks ago. I set it up just like I always do, but for some reason these new banners are being shown a much smaller percentage of times compared to other banners. All of my banners are remnant banners. The new campaign has the same weight as others and those old banners are still being shown the correct # of times. It is just this new campaign that is not showing the expected # of times. 

Does anyone have any ideas what might be causing this?


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It's useful to look at the zone probability report to see what Revive is calculating for current probability. As you do this and make changes remember that caching can have some impact, switch to admin user and recalc probability in maintenance.

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