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Billing customers, Ad management control of customers ads?

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Well pretty much as the subject says. ?

I am doing some research to figure out how to do this so I would appreciate the help very much that points me in the right direction. 

Just for reference:
Our goal is that we will sell ads on our company owned sites, not elsewhere. So the setup isn't that people can sign up for ad service and get a shared revenue by posting the ad code on their websites. 

So the questions: 

  • is there any reliable billing solutions out there?
  • Anyone that support more than just PayPal, like the bigger well know payment gateways like Authorize.Net, 2CheckOut, Stripe, Amazon Payments etc? Paypal has a quite bad reputation when it comes to merchant solutions where they withhold payments etc. So relaying on them is maybe not a good choice.  
  • is there a way/solution for monitor and pre-screen/monitor/pre-approve submitted customers ads before they go live on the customers account? 
  • Customer register /login module so they can signup by themselves to our system? 
  • Is it possible to build in Revive to a sales back-end?
  • is it possible to connect the sales done in revive to a ERP system for automation? Is there a API available?
  • How much pressure can revive server really handle before an additional server is needed?
  • Can they be clustered? 

Hmm I guess that is it for now. I do understand that the listed question above might not be available and it would require customization/custom coding..

Thanks a lot in advance for the help. 

Kind regards

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