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Question about macros in the url

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Hi guys, i have a question for you.

So, the network that i'm buying from has the [pubId] and it comes to me, then selling to another network who use the macro as {subID}.

Is there a method or a plugin that can change those macros automatically ? Like, i tried to put the link (for example: site.com/www/delivery/directads.php?zoneid=*zoneid*&source=[pubID]&source2={SubID} and the network that i'm buying from is not supporting multiple types of macros, like they don't support subids just pubids or clickids ) but at the same time, my Revive server being in the middle to collect data from the macro that the site is using.

If you can't understand what i want to say here it is simplified. network 1 (network where i buy traffic from with the pubid or clickid) ---> My Revive Ad Server --> network 2 (network where the macros is subid) so revive is not passing this subid , what we doin'

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