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Weight Campaign Issues


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We recently upgraded to Revive 3.0.2 and we are experiencing some issues with the traffic split.

It seems that the ad server is not seeing the weight of campaigns and we are seeing a lot of blanks delivered.


So, for example: we have 3 campaigns set up for 3 advertisers and each advertiser has different weight Adv A=80, Adv B=10 and Adv C=5, they are running on the same type of contract exclusive on the same zone.

The situation is that adv B has taken more than 40% of the traffic, even though his weight is 10 and we have a lot of blanks delivered.


Does anybody experience same issue? Could you please help with some advice on this?


Thank you,


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My advice would be to add a remnant campaign to the zone. Revive really only works when it knows about all the inventory, and unfortunately, doesn't currently log blank impressions; so you need a remnant campaign there to take up any "spare" inventory and let Revive figure out your real inventory to do a decent job of delivering contract campaigns.

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