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Revive Installation and Configuration Steps


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I am new to revive and trying to install and configure it. There are very little to nothing in terms of detailed step by step documentation.

If there is and I have missed it, can someone please post it here? Do I need to install any default plugins to make this work out of the box etc as I am having to deal with following issue.



I have set it up where I can login and create advertisers, campaigns etc. However, the invocation area is bank. 
1) Advertiser, Campaign, Banner, Website Zone created.

2) In Zone, Invocation Code tab link, I am not seeing anything. Makes me wonder if I missed any install and configure steps. 

Thank you very much in advance for the help.



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I'm new to Revive too but it's very easy to use and works fine out of the box.

I just follow the documentation.

How it works for me:
First I create a Website with different Zones, then create Advertisers, Campaigns (Remnant only with date limit) and Banners, in this order.
Then assign Banners to a Zone. I don't create any Delivery Rules or Limit.
In Zone, in Invocation Code tab select Asynchronous JS Tag to see the code.

Hope it helps.

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