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Plugin Development Contribution.

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Hey Guys,

We need to have the SSP/DSP plugins for our usage, we have got some hacked stuff done at a moment. However we would like to build the plugins, there are some commercial ones available here




Also I guess the post here indicated the above site as the plugin seller, we would like to build the one and opensource it.

I looked at the documentation to start with here which is not sufficient


The post at this link https://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Plugins suggest this "You can help us out by sponsoring us on Patreon, if you would like. Thanks!" .

I am an experienced opensource developer and would like to contribute in implementing the features etc, since our requirement is to build the SSP/DSP plugins so would like to know where to start. I will also talk to company and recommend for the sponsoring the project too. Please let me know where to start, I would like to hear from the core team.





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