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Problem With The Database

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Heya folks,


recently some customers reported errors with the Revive Adserver, providing me with screenshots like this


Using the workbench, i can verify that the table is broken. What really strange is, that if i want to start the table maintenance, the workbench tells me that oa_data_intermediate_ad is a view and not a table anymore.

I restored a database from an old snapshot and there it says that oa_data_intermediate_ad is a table. So what do to now? And yeah, my daily backup wasnt working properly after upgrading the db, dooh. So restoring the table from an backup is unfortunately not an option. :(


thanks in advance and sorry for my 'its not my first language' english,



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Hey Eliza, thanks for the advice.


This is what i already tried in the meantime, but i wasn't able to use the table maintenance because it didn't even show me the 'oa_data_intermediate_ad' in the table column, but in the view column, like i stated in the entry post.


I launched a snapshot of the last working day, dumped the table and reimported it into the live database. But it would be nice, to have a better workaround for this or even prevent things like that in the future..





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