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Responsive Banner/ Ads Solutions in 2018

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I have been going through dozens of discussions on this subject, in 2018 none of the existing solutions seem to work on revive adserver v4.1.4. The question is: How can we get a wide/ larger leaderboard banner (728x90 to display properly on a smaller size mobile device. Or at least have it be swapped out/ or replaced by a smaller mobile friendly banner (e.g. 480x90) on the same zone by the same campaign.

Simply put, I imagine a situation where during the creation of a new banner: I upload a standard 728x90 banner, plus a smaller480x90 banner for mobile at the same time. I imagine the larger banner being displayed if loaded on a PC/ laptop screen, and I imagine the smaller version of the very same banner ad being displayed tif page loaded on a mobile device.

In other words Like this: IF (LAPTOP SCREEN) LOAD BigBanner; ELSE IF (MOBILE SCREEN) LOAD SmallBanner;

 How can i achieve this on Revive Adserver 4.1.4? I hope my question is very easy to understand.

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How exactly do I do that? I spent the past couple of hours trying to do that. Unfortunately delivery-rules do not offer size options . I see cap options only. Unless i'm missing something maybe...? 🤷‍♀️

Here is my screenshot on GoogleDrive>> https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yr_eVlXf1ZVZ1Pm-yI1RIwOqVswa7axx/view?usp=drivesdk


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Alright, thanks for the pointers. This is what i did below for the 728x90 banner, but it is still not working: I created a Delivery Rules that says; 

Only display this banner when: Client - Useragent:   Regex Does not match:   'Android' + 'Chrome/[.0-9]* Mobile'

I also tried: ORUser Agent: Does not contain: Android, .....also tried:   ORRegex does not match: Android.*


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