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upgradation of revive ad server


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Hi @vinay,

If the upgrade was successful, then delivery of banners from the previous installation should continue to work.

Do you still see all the same advertisers, campaigns and banners in the Admin UI that you had before the upgrade?

Also, please check https://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Revive+Adserver+Broken

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also I have upgraded the revive to different server 

(1) I copied my "website" and "revive ad-server" to a new server

(2) then Upgraded the revive ad server

Can anyone please suggest me what changes do I need to perform when I upgrading the ad server on a different server?

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Hi @vinay,

If you have attempted to upgrade Revive Adserver, but after you are completed, you cannot see all of your previous data, and it's just a clean and empty installation, then you probably actually just did a new installation, rather than an upgrade. This would be why your banner is not working from the new server.

I would start again, but after the transfer to a new server, check that everything is working on the new server, before doing the upgrade - especially if the new server uses a different URL to the old server - you will need to make changes to account for that.

Once it's working, then do the upgrade, and make sure you follow the upgrade instructions carefully.


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Now I have performed the upgradation process on previous server on which the older revive exists.

now I am having the issue of cross linked.

1.adserver_new - is pointing to upgraded database but older reivive ad server

2.Old ad server is pointing to the upgraded revive but showing older database.

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