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Hello!  I am writing from company New Media. We have been using your system for 4 years.   Now we would like to add to this system button OK or Approve and this button will be controlled by one person.  When we create campaign this person will check campaign and approve. Then the campaign will run.

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Hi @Aygul,

So glad to hear that you're a long term Revive Adserver user, and that you have ideas for how to extend the system.

Unfortunately, our developer documentation is a work in progress - https://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Developer+Guide - but it does have some good information on setting up a development system, which with a good PHP IDE/debugger, would certainly get you started.

Otherwise, one of the key things you could do to help us move forward with ideas like this would be to sponsor us on Patreon, if you are not already.


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