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Error PostgreSQL DB

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I'm trying to install the revive ad server and for this I had to create a PostgreSQL DB. But, when I do the installation I get the following error:

Database names must have an alphabetic first character
Installation failed to create the database 1908694_adrevive

The suport of my host inform this:

"Our system is built in a way that the database should always contain the client's ID in the beginning. Unfortunately this cannot be changed and if you wish to install Ad Server, you will have to ask the platform creators how to work around this database name restriction "

How to proceed?

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From memory, PostgreSQL requires (or at least, required) that database names start with a letter or underscore - database names starting with a number are not permitted. 

This may have been changed in more recent versions of PostgreSQL (I don't know if that's the case - it may or may not be), but I suspect that we need to keep this restriction in place to continue to support older versions of PostgreSQL.

So, in short:

1. I don't think we'd be willing to change the restriction, without confirmation that all supported versions of PostgreSQL now allow databases to start with a number;

2. Assuming it is still the case that PostgreSQL database names cannot start with a number, then your hosting provider is wrong, and you either need to convince them that they need to change, or find a better hosting provider.

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