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Moving Revive from one server to another

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Hello. I am trying to move Revive Ad Server from one server to another (both are dedicated servers with PHP 5.6). I backed up my home directory and the Database then restored them on the new server, changed DNS and banners are being delivered but I am encountering all sorts of problems:

- Internal server error when I change Max_Memory_Limit to 128 MB

A fatal error occurred Revive Adserver can't connect to the database. Because of this it isn't possible to use the administrator interface. The delivery of banners might also be affected. Possible reasons for the problem are: <ul> <li>The database server isn't functioning at the moment</li> <li>The location of the database server has changed</li> <li>The username or password used to contact the database server are not correct</li> <li>PHP has not loaded the MySQL Extension</li> </ul>

Can someone please point me to documentation on how to move Revive Ad Server from one server to another?

Thank you!


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There's no documentation that we have to help with this, sorry - this is essentially a systems management issue.

1. Trace down what the internal server error is when you change the memory limit. That's something to do with PHP or the web server - not Revive Adserver. See the appropriate documentation for those products.

2. The database error is pretty clear - Revive Adserver can't connect to your database. Check to make sure that it's possible to connect to the database from where Revive Adserver is hosted, and confirm the username and password. Then make sure all of those (hostname, ports, username, password, database name) are set correctly in Revive Adserver's configuration file.

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