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how to enable Https for the trackingEvent URL in fc.php

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Hi ,

I have enable "requireSSL=1"  in config file, and  it works fine for  delivery url . e.g: ajs.php/lg.php  .

But the trackingEvent URL is still using http in fc.php,  please advice.  thanks


e.g: https://ad4.on.cc/web/www/delivery/fc.php?script=bannerTypeHtml:vastInlineBannerTypeHtml:vastInlineHtml&zones=pre-roll0-0%3D446&nz=1&source=&bn=chrome&bv=66&r=R0.7950630043633282&block=1&format=vast&charset=UTF-8


<Tracking event="start">
<URL id="primaryAdServer">


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