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Revive Adserver understanding

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I am new on this forum and i wanted to install this software my website but before i install i have few question for my understanding 

1) What i understand Advertiser = Adwords Publisher = DFP = then what is adsense or there is no adsense feature in your script

2) If there is no Adsense feature then how advertiser start campaign because what i understand there are many websites using Adsense ads and when  Advertiser start campaign then Advertiser ads display on Adsense websites  (If i am wrong then help me to understand where Advertiser ads works)

3) Publisher is  like DFP (Doubleclick for Publisher) where publisher make advertisement for only own website and track the ads impression , Cick , ETC but some Publisher also integrate Adsense ads as well

4) Which features your script allowed that Adwords not allowed  or give all features that Adwords / DFP have


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Hi @Korona,

The terms Advertiser and Publisher as used in Revive Adserver are defined on the docs page at https://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Key+Concepts.

Revive Adserver is not a "self-service" application by itself - you cannot use it to go an find advertisers for your website. 

Instead, Revive Adserver will help you manage the advertisers that you do find - be that directly, or via one or more ad networks.

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