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Banner not displaying constantly

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Hi, new to the forum but have been using adserver for about 10 years now, hoping for some advice.

Most of the ad positions on my site are permanent placements with the exception of the main header banner which I sell by impressions.

I get around 500,000 page impressions every month but am struggling to fill these.  Typically most of my advertisings set an amount of impressions per day but these are currently not getting their full quote in.  It seems half the time the position is being displayed empty.  How can I force a banner to always be displayed please?

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Well, having a remnant banner in place will ensure that a banner is always displayed, but that might not be what you mean, as it sounds like your real issue is not that you sometimes get blank impressions (although you do want to ideally fix that with a remnant banner), but that your contract banners are not meeting your desired contract targets.

Take a look at https://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Banner+Selection+Mechanism to see if that helps track down why your contract campaigns are not delivering when you are expecting them to.

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Yes, you can absolutely set daily limits for a remnant campaign. Just make sure you always have at least one unlimited remnant campaign in every zone, if you want to ensure that you have no blank impressions. (Or use zone chaining to fall back to another zone in the event of a blank, if that approach works better for you.)

I think we might prefer to say that Revive Adserver makes an intelligent estimate of expected inventory for zones, when calculating the priority to use for contract campaigns, rather than "guess", but in essence... Yes. :-)

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