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Statistics a mess after update, can I import to new install?

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I updated the system a few months ago and it caused all the stats to be crazy. I tried everything I could find to fix it with no luck, so I had to do a clean install and start from scratch. Not the end of the world, but advertisers are requesting and need their results. 

It seems even the far back stats show incorrectly, so I decided to check the actual data tables and see what was in there. From what I can guess, the data there looks OK, but for some reason the stat page and exports are doing something to the numbers. ??? Very weird. 

If I take a clean install, is is possible to import just specific tables to recreate the environment and clean stats?

Which tables should I be looking to verify stat data?

Thanks for any help!

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Hi @ajotadmin,

It would be very difficult to take a clean install, and then, later on, try and merge in specific stats from an older, different instance, because the statistics are all stored relative to the IDs of the entities. This means that with your clean install having been used, the IDs are likely to be different, so merging things in would be pretty much impossible to do.

It might be better to use your pre-upgrade backup of the database and code base to simply restore the old instance in a separate location, so that you can historically access the stats there via a different URL, to allow your advertisers to get the stats they need from before the migration to the clean install?

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