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Tracking stats along with publisher-side user IDs and Revive-side advertiser IDs


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We are currently using Revive, we are the sole publisher, and we show ads only to logged in users.

We want to start tracking (impressions, clicks) per (Revive’s) advertiser ID per day per (our app’s) user ID, so that we can, for example, customize the experience of specific users based on clicks on ads of specific advertisers.

How would we go about it using Revive?

  • Can we easily configure vanilla Revive to track such information and later access that information from the Reviva XMLRPC API?
  • Can we do it with existing free plugins?
  • Can we do it with existing paid plugins?
  • Do we have to develop a plugin to do so?
  • Do we need to fork Revive?
  • Given that we are the publishers, are we better of tracking this information outside Revive? If so, how can publishers obtain the advertiser ID of a banner?
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