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(How) can I change the local path and URL?


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Hi there, we are using the Revive adserver since many years on our system, even when it was called „openx“, but now of course it is the latest version of Revive. Running perfectly fine and smooth. :)

We never changed the local path and URL and so it still is like oursite.com/openx/www/admin and the local path is like …user/web/openx/ for the Revive installation. But „OpenX“ is a commercial service nowadays and it might be confusing for our customers using the address "oursite.com/openx" for our own Revive ad server.

How complex and what are the steps to change the local path and URL of Revive without any interruption of function?

Apparently I would have to update all Revive code fragments on all pages using our ads too. (Here it is 5 Sites * 5 Banner zones + a few extra zones = ~30 edits to page templates or widget codes.) Considering the work, maybe this is just utterly unimportant. What do you think?


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Hi @w-sky,

Luckily, you can change the URL, and still have your old tags work. The process would be something like:

1. Move the Revive Adserver code base to the new desired location on disk, if that is changing.

2. Update your web server to deal with the new location on disk (if changed in #1 above).

3. Update your web server (if required) to ensure that Revive Adserver is served using the path as required, if not already performed via the change made in #1 / #2 above. 

4. Check that everything is now working using the new URL.

5. Finally, update your web server to add in an either an alias, or an HTTP re-direct (as per your preference) so that requests to the old URL continue to work as well.


Obviously, in an ideal world, set up a test environment that replicates your current environment first, and test the process there, to make sure you know what you are doing before you take things down!

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