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Can we convert Revive Database tables from MyISAM To InnoDB ?

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I would like to ask whether can we convert Revive Database table from MyISAM to InnoDB? 

As MyISAM is an older storage engine which affects the performance for following reasons :

1) MyISAM does the full-locking of the table.  

2) MyISAM does not support referential integrity

3) MyISAM does not support Commit & Rollbacks

After all these conditions if we convert the database to InnoDB will it affect the ad serving or it will stop working?

Let me know your thoughts.


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Don't do this.


Even after 6 years of this discussion I want to confirm that InnoDB is still ridiculously slow with Revive when logging impressions at high frequency. Tried a lot of InnoDB settings, in the end reverted the "bkt" tables to MyISAM.
I think ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE in all logging scripts causes a type of lock that makes all the mentioned InnoDB advantages useless.

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